Dear Sir/Madam,

With great pleasure we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 16th  International Interdiscyplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis (CECE 2019). The  tradition of this event dates back to 2004 and its previous successful editions are famous for a high-level scientific exchange accompanied and sponsored by the leading Companies of the R&D sector. Following the scientific success of the earlier CECE editions and supporting the development and promotion of modern analytical approaches, we now provide you with the opportunity to participate in the CECE 2019 and promote your latest meaningful experimental data and new analytical ideas.

The Meeting will be held at the Mercure hotel located in Gdańsk, which is not only a beautiful place but also fits perfectly to the rank of the event. We are convinced that with your support, the CECE 2019 will be successful and will provide a unique place offering the access to the specialists from various bioanalytical fields We will be honoured to be able to cooperate with you and develop a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Main topics of the conference comprises separation techniques in bioanalysis, improvements in instrumentation in separation sciences, sample preparation approaches in basic and clinical research as well as in human health studies, miniaturization of the analytical methods and chemometric and bioinformatic tools in bioanalysis, among others.

We will be really thankful if you could mark your calendar with the date: 24-26 September 2019 and visit Gdańsk during the CECE 2019 meeting!

With warm regards,
Organizing Committee